Thursday, 20 June 2013

! ! ! Men's Fashion Week SS/14 ! ! !

!!! Hey Guys :D :D :D !!!

I wasn't going to write another blog for a while but I really can't help myself...(This Shizz is ADDICTIVE!) 

ANYHOO!!! I thought I'd tell you a little bit of what I've been up to...    MEN'S FASHION WEEK...*Drools*

This is a picture of me overly excited to be working on Men's Week (Don't Judge Me...):

Well!? What can I say?! Gorgeous models, talented designers, fabulous hair and fabulous makeup!

Here's Head Mua Michelle Webb with Mr
Xander Zhou:

 And here's our AOFM PRO Team :D:

Cool HUH?!

 YET AGAIN AOFM paved the way for graduates to take advantage of another AMAZING opportunity; that they'd otherwise struggle to set up for themselves.

The incredibly talented Michelle Webb (Shown above^^^)headed the makeup for the two shows I assisted (Xander Zhou SS/14 and Christopher Raeburn SS/14).

Christopher Raeburn SS/14:

The first look was flawless; It consisted of glowing, dewy skin; prepped to perfection with Dermalogica's range of infallable skincare; topped off with Makeup Forever's HD Foundation and a tad of foundation from Bobbi Brown's Pro BBU Palette to conceal any imperfections that the
models may have had:

Brows groomed and skin buffed to perfection with MAC's 130 Short Duo Fibre brush, the guys strutted confidently, with their heads held high and beautiful, all the way down the catwalk:

Xander Zhou SS/14:

For the second look, the makeup design was more natural; the models were to appear flawless with no visible makeup!

Everyone on the AOFM Pro team worked constantly to make sure the makeup was just right; the models legs and hand where moisturised and some even needed a cheeky bit of MAC's Face + Body on the Knees ;)

Needless to say, both collections were beautiful; a mixture of old school tailoring and futuristic shoes was prominent throughout the Xander Collection; along with a cheeky "Male Garter" and slicked back hair; set off with a single braid that ran parallel from the left eye right to the back of the head.

The Raeburn collection was more modest; impeccable quality set aside a more sporty look. Stunning faces that stood out aside the somewhat khaki
tone that ran through the clothes.

All in all it was a wonderful day, hectic, beautiful and full of hard working teams...Just how I like it :)

Saturday, 15 June 2013

My First EVER Blog Post!

So, after much deliberation (and even more peer pressure from Zara Taylor ;P) I have finally decided to start blogging! Yay!!!

I never really saw the point in it at first; simply because I felt I wasn't doing anything interesting enough to write about (Plus I didn't have heaps of money to spend on trying new products everyday..."ain't nobody gaatt time for that!") However, in the last few months, my work life has taken an almighty leap of awesomeness and I want to start sharing my experiences with everyone!

Thanks to the very talented Liam Curran ( I have had the pleasure of assisting him on a number of shoots for magazines such as USED, WONDERLAND and I-D ONLINE, with brands such as ADIDAS, ASOS, YSL and even musicians like IGGY AZALEA!

Here are few examples of Liam's beautiful work that I assisted him on:

BOOTIFUL Aren't They?!...The Models I Mean :P

ANYHOO! Just when I thought my life couldn't get any more awesome...AOFM ( posted an AMAZING opportunity on their Facebook page; for graduates who had completed their Total Pro Freelance Hair and Makeup Course (Which I did in Feb '12 last year) to do the Hair and Makeup, on six different events throughout the summer, for Platinum selling Recording Artist KATE NASH! Can you say "Errrrhhhmagaaahhhd?!"

Needless to say, I applied as soon as I could (who wouldn't jump at such a wonderful opportunity?!) and they picked me! Little old me! Here is a picture with myself and Miss Nash after completing her look for the evening ahead (I will post a list of products I used to complete the look below):

If you've never heard of AOFM, and you're thinking about taking a professional makeup course, I highly suggest looking them up. They offer a wide range of courses to suit everyone and their aftercare is second to none! I wouldn't be where I am now if it wasn't for them. And this is only the tip of the Iceberg!

As for Kate...Well...She's just plain cool...Aside from being immensely talented...She is super sweet, super funny and she has a three year old bunny called Fluffy!

Products Used For Kate's Look (Face):

All Brushes used where from my AOFM Pro Brush Roll with an additional MAC 130 Short Duo Fibre Brush, MAC 318 Retractable Lip Brush and a Benefit "Get Bent" Eyeliner Brush ( Which is unfortunately discontinued :( )

Products Used For Kate's Look (Hair):

I hope you've enjoyed my first ever blog post! Please Comment below and let me know what you think :) xxx